10 Credit Package: Boom and Bust

(Two courses provided by email as files to save or print off.)

Provincial Life Credits: 10 credits in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON
Provincial A&S Credits: 3 credits in BC, SK, MB, ON
CFP® Certificant: 10 credits (Financial Planning)

Canadian life insurers pay out approximately $160 million per week (over $8.3 billion annually) in death benefits. Meanwhile, a leading Canadian bank reports that roughly 80% of Canadians are in debt and nearly two-thirds would have trouble affording their debt if interest rates rise. It seems that, in Canada, we’re experiencing a personal boom and bust at the same time. And, to a degree, that is true with some areas within the country and some demographic groups going through a phase of dynamic growth, while others are not so lucky.

Learn to manage both sides of the financial equation with the two courses in this package: Boom! Managing Sudden Wealth: Inheritance, Home Equity, Business Proceeds (and other windfalls) – Overview Edition, and Bust! Managing Debt.

There’s something for all advisors to learn in these courses and apply to all their clients. Whether it’s a strategy to manage sudden wealth or to pay down debt, this is highly relevant information that proves your worth as a valued advisor.

(If you prefer the full-length version of Boom! Managing Sudden Wealth, please see the 15-credit course listed below.)

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