15 Credit Package: BC Agent/Advisor CE

BC Life Credits: 15 credits
CFP® Certificants: 15 credits (Financial Planning)
Institute Members: 15 credits
IIROC Credits: 15 credits (Professional Development)

Blast through your ICBC CE life agent requirements with this package of courses. No single course is longer than 7 credit hours and, therefore, they all respect the daily credit limit set by ICBC for CE.

You’ll find you can complete these courses quickly before your May 31 deadline. More importantly, you receive a wealth of valuable tips and practical wisdom to improve your advisory skills.

You will receive:

  • Be the Better RESP Advisor
  • RRIF Management: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Financial Planning for Life: Getting the Financial House in Order

This is an efficient way of completing your CE credits and receiving immediate regulator-approved Certificates.

Price: $169.85 – save over $20 on the cost of ordering courses separately!