15 Credit Package: Manitoba Agent/Advisor CE

ICM Life Credits: 15 credits
CFP® Certificants: 15 credits (Financial Planning)
IIROC Credits: 5 credits (Professional Development)

Here is a package of courses for life agents in Manitoba that satisfies the CE guidelines set by ICM and are ICM-approved.

These courses address asset management from the perspective of loss prevention through AML measures with income and asset protection. Together they provide a well-rounded CE solution to meet annual requirements.

The courses in this package include:

  • Taking Action on Money Laundering
  • Income Replacement (one of the courses in our Financial Planning for Life series)
  • Property Matters: Property, Beneficiaries, Tax and Life Insurance

Receive an immediate regulator-approved Certificate upon completion of each course.

Price: $169.85 (Save $20 on the cost of ordering each course on its own.)