20 CPD-Credit Package

(Course provided by email as file to save or print off.)

CPD Credits: 20 Credits (19 Financial Planning, 1 Professional Responsibility)
CFP® Certificant: 5 credits (Financial Planning)

All CPA Members are required to complete 20 CPD hours each year and 120 CPD hours in three years. Now, you can have 20 CPD credits quickly delivered to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone in this package of three courses selected for Canadian-licensed CPAs. You will receive courses by email with a multiple-choice test for each. Pass the online test and a Certificate will be immediately available for download to attest to course completion.

Courses are oriented towards financial planning issues and solutions for retirement and senior clients. They provide background and context for challenges facing individuals and practitioners.

This is an efficient way of completing your annual CPD credits: fit them into your schedule anytime, anywhere.

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Price: $219.95 (approximately a 10% discount from the cost of ordering the courses individually)