20-Hour CPD Package for CPAs

CPD Credits for CPAs: 20 Hours
CFP® Certificants: 20 credits (including Professional Responsibility)
Institute Members: 20 credits
IIROC (CECAP) Credits: 6 credits (Compliance); 4 credits (Professional Development)
Life Insurance: 20 Life credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)

CPAs are required to complete 20 CPD hours each year and 120 CPD hours in three years. Now, you can have 20 CPD credits quickly delivered in this package of courses specially selected for Canadian-licensed CPAs.

Courses are oriented towards financial planning issues and solutions for retirement and senior clients. They provide background and context for challenges facing individuals and practitioners. Each course has been submitted for approval to either FP Canada, the Institute, and/or CECAP for IIROC Registrants. Each course has been accredited by at least one of these organizations; this attests to the suitability of courses for CPA CPD purposes in all Canadian jurisdictions.

The courses in this package include:

  • Cyber Security: Protecting Client Privacy in Your Practice (3 hours)
  • Elder Abuse and the Financial Exploitation of Seniors (3 hours)
  • Getting the Financial House in Order (7 hours)
  • Insurance for Business Owners (4 hours)
  • Professional Responsibility and Seniors (3 hours) 

This is an efficient way of completing CPD: online access means you can complete courses anytime, anywhere — without the time and expense of seminar attendance.

Price: $194.95 (Save $50 on the price of individual courses.)