30 Credit Ontario FSRA (FSCO) Fast-track Package

Ontario (FSRA/FSCO) Life Credits: 30 credits
CFP® Certificants: 30 credits (25 Financial Planning, 3 Practice Management, 2 Professional Responsibility)
Institute Members: 15 credits (including Ethics)

The continuing education (CE) requirement for life agents regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), previously the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), requires 30 hours of CE every two years.

Specific courses are not approved, recommended, or endorsed by FSRA/FSCO. However, the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) accredits courses for life agents. The courses in this package have all met with the approval of AIC for life agents. Their worthiness is further proven by their FP Canada credits for CFP Certificants and Advocis/Institute credits. All these credits appear on the course Certificates.

The FSRA (FSCO) package has been updated to include:

  • Taking Care of Business: Insurance Needs of Business Owners
  • Fundamentals of Canadian Life Insurance
  • Setting the Moral Compass: Professional Responsibility for Financial Advisors
  • Manage and Resolve Conflict

This is a smart and efficient way of completing your CE credits — and receiving immediate regulator-approved Certificates.

Price: $294.80 – (Save $75 over the cost of ordering the individual courses.)