30-credit Home-run Package: Approved and Accredited for CFPs/CLUs/Life Agents

Provincial Life Credits: 30 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 30 credits (25 Financial Planning, 3 Practice Management, 2 Professional Responsibility)
Institute Members: 30 credits (including Ethics)
IIROC (CECAP) Credits: 9 credits (5 Compliance, 4 Professional Development)

This package covers the bases! It meets the annual 25-credit CFP plus 30-credit CLU accredited and approved requirements. Each individual course also provides Life and/or A&S credits in all provinces (except Quebec).

The Home-run Package has been updated to include:

  • Setting the Moral Compass: Professional Responsibility for Financial Advisors
  • Income Replacement
  • RRIF Management: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Be the Better Advisor This Year
  • After Age 71: RRSP/LIRA Options and Strategies
  • Insurance Needs of Older Folks

This is a smart and efficient way of completing your CE credits — and receiving immediate regulator-approved Certificates.

Price: $344.70 (Save $75 on the cost of ordering courses on their own.)