Ethics and the Investment Industry

IIROC (CECAP) Credits: 8 credits (Compliance)

This course was the first ethics course to receive CECAP Compliance credits and to be recognized as an ethics course in the IIROC Continuing Education Program.

Ethics and the Investment Industry fearlessly examines ethics questions and quandaries in light of the conflicts in the industry around money management for others and personal gain, the ethics of money as a product, the ethics of information, and how to meet ethics objectives and requirements. IIROC Rules are given their ethical dimension and you’ll read how to achieve ethical outcomes.

This course may challenge you and how you think about your role in the investment industry. If you find ethics and ethical dilemmas a stimulating subject and you want to go beyond the superficial, this will be the course for you. You may not agree with all you read, but you will be encouraged to find how ethical choices are your only choice.

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