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Retail price: $309.75
SeeWhy price: $244.99

Quickly and efficiently wrap-up all FP Canada CFP® requirements with these FP Canada-approved courses.

CFP® Certificants: 25 credits (18.5 Financial Planning, 4.5 Practice Management, 2 Professional Responsibility)
Life Insurance: 25 credits for AIC (AB), ICBC (BC), ICS (SK), ICM (MB), FSRA (ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 18 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
PFP® :25 credits
CPA® : 25 CPD hours
IIROC Credits: : 5 credits (Compliance); 3.5 credits (Professional Development)
CIM®: 5 credits (Compliance); 3.5 credits (Professional Development)
QAFP®: Professionals: 25 credits (18.5 Financial Planning, 4.5 Practice Management, 2 Professional Responsibility)

This efficient package includes the following courses:

  • After Age 71: RRSP/LIRA Options and Strategies;
  • Finding the Fit: Suitability and Professional Responsibility;
  • Good Business: Lessons for Success;
  • Leading Virtual Meetings;
  • Property Matters: Property, Beneficiaries, Tax and Life Insurance

Details on these courses are provided below.

Retail price: $309.75
SeeWhy price: $244.99

THE CFP® Package: Course Details:

After Age 71: RRSP/LIRA Options and Strategies

  • Explore alternatives for clients when their RRSP/LIRA matures;
  • Learn about available choices, considerations, strategies, and action plans for seniors;
  • Implement a maturity option for clients that recognizes their specific requirements and is justifiably in their best interest.

Finding the Fit: Suitability and Professional Responsibility

  • Learn the reasons that investment suitability is the most common complaint among older investors and how that complaint can be eliminated through the decisions you make;
  • Read case studies taken from the files of regulators about instances where suitability has been abused;
  • Be guided with a suitability checklist to test your recommendations and actions.

 Good Business: Lessons for Success

  • Link sales with suitability for best client outcomes;
  • Learn the importance of setting financial goals across all ages;
  • Achieve clarity in virtual and in-person meetings and your writing;
  • Measure your behaviour against common ethical standards;
  • Implement best practices that pay off.

Leading Virtual Meetings

  • Open up opportunities to excel at client relationships;
  • Adopt a new, energized style that can save time and maximize your efficiency;
  • Understand the etiquette and execution of virtual meetings;
  • Read about using e-signatures and red flags for their misuse.

Professional Responsibility and Seniors: Advisor Guidance for Ethical Practice

  • Review ethics standards when working with senior clients;
  • Learn about the challenges seniors present;
  • Read thought-provoking case studies centred on seniors;
  • Draw upon FP Canada Principles and Rules to provide guidance for your responsibilities.

 Property Matters: Property, Beneficiaries, Tax and Life Insurance

  • Build an estate plan properly — based on the value of assets in the estate and how they can be transitioned to beneficiaries;
  • Understand where, when, and how taxes are applied;
  • Identify the role and adequacy of insurance;
  • Help clients plan now for peace of mind later.

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