Coping With The Difficult Client

Provincial Life Credits: 5 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 5 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 5 credits (Financial Planning)

You know what we’re talking about when we’re talking about the difficult client. It’s the one who is unpleasant, unreasonable, demanding, contentious, and/or unpredictable. You ask yourself: How did I deserve this? What should I do? Or, should I continue?

This course analyzes the root causes of client crankiness and suggests essential management skills that can be used to control difficult behaviour. You are going to learn:

  • how to deliver bad news;
  • how to cope with unrealistic expectations;
  • ways to avoid complaints;
  • anger management skills;
  • when it is time to cut bait and the right way to do it.

There are many, many behavioural management ideas in this course! You’ll find it valuable for both coping with those who are difficult and learning how to prevent unpleasant interactions from ever developing.

Your level of stress can be significantly lessened with the perspective this course delivers. It’s a winner in your stable of people management skills.

Price: $69.95