Disability Creating a Plan for Future Needs

Provincial Life Credits: 7 credits (BC, SK, MB, ON); 1 credit (AB)
Provincial A&S Credits: 7 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 7 credits (Financial Planning)

It isn’t just seniors who are disabled. Think about the 2,400 people injured as pedestrians in BC each year or that one person is struck by a vehicle on Calgary’s streets every day. Consider that in one day in Toronto, four pedestrians were killed: how many more were hurt? How about the shocking number of Canadians who are injured snowmobiling every winter? Think about the bicyclists and those on motorcycles. These accidents happen all the time yet, what of the disabled? Can you help them in their need for income?

Knowing how to help—the programs available and their benefits—is one way to help and, coincidentally, distinguish yourself in an advisory capacity. If you are ready to step up, you have almost a quarter of the population in your market-area waiting for your insight.

Includes a Don’t Trip Up checklist for your senior clients and, for every single client, the Checklist for Pedestrian Safety.

BONUS! Includes Succession Planning for Families with Disabled Dependents by John Poyser, a partner with the Winnipeg Law firm Tradition Law LLP Estates and Trusts and the principal of the Wealth and Estate Law Group in Calgary. John currently serves as a member of STEP (the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners) Worldwide Council.

Price: $79.95