Provincial Life Credits: 5 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 5 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 5 credits (Financial
Institute Members: 5 credits (including 1 Ethics credit)
IIROC Credits: 5 credits (Professional Development)

Life and disability insurance are the products but income protection is the benefit. Income protection is the fundamental reason for life insurance while still working and for disability insurance. It is an idea that is very basic: money provided to surviving family or to support a family.

This course is going to give you the income protection focus you can use with all those clients who have not crossed the threshold into thinking about retirement; they are thinking of the here-and-now.

You will be doing a product review in this course including reviewing options for self-insuring and the emergency fund. Then, you’ll be learning the other side of the equation for successful sales: knowing the client, ensuring suitability, and how to apply standards of conduct.

This course delivers content and context. You can count on it to develop your critical thinking on the subject of financial planning for life.

Price: $69.95