FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR LIFE: Investing Products and Strategies

Provincial Life Credits: 6 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 6 credits (Financial Planning)
Institute Members: 6 credits (1 Ethics)

Whether the markets are up or down and regardless of the investment “flavour du jour,” there are certain investing fundamentals that contribute to wealth accumulation. Who needs to know these products and strategies? How about everyone?

Product details in this course are based on the six-question test-for-investing developed by the OSC:

  1. How will this investment make money?
  2. What must happen for the investment to go up in value?
  3. What are the total fees to buy, hold and sell the investment?
  4. What are the specific risks associated with this investment?
  5. How easy would it be to sell the investment if you needed your money right away?
  6. Is this investment suitable for your goals and risk tolerance?

Each of these questions is applied to a number of common investments.  The result of this analysis is a consistent picture of investments, which makes for easy points of comparison between them. Sharing this knowledge with clients equalizes the information symmetry between you and helps to make their expectations reasonable.

In addition to this innovative review of products, you’ll also receive oversight on key investing strategies. This information is also presented consistently and concisely with a view to practical applications.

Find investing ideas with lifelong significance in this course.

Price: $74.95