15 Credit – Life Insurance (Canada, except Ontario and Quebec)

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Retail price: $219.80
SeeWhy price: $174.99

Calling life agents with licenses in BC, AB, SK, MB and ON: earn your life credits with all these others in this one package:

Life Insurance: 15 credits for AIC (AB), ICBC (BC), ICS (SK), and ICM (MB)
Life Insurance: 15 credits for FSRA (ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 10 credits (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
IIROC (CECAP) Credits: 8 credits (Professional Development)
CIM®Professionals: 8 credits (Professional Development)
CFP®Certificants: 14 credits (Financial Planning)
PFP®: 15 credits
CPA®: 15 CPD hours
QAFP®Professionals: 14 credits (Financial Planning)
CLU®®/CHS/CH.F.C/PFA: 14 credits (The Institute)

This comprehensive package includes these courses:

  • Basics of Canadian Life Insurance
  • Effective Written Communications for Financial Advisors
  • Insurance for Business Owners
  • Insurance Needs of Older Folks

Details on these courses are provided below.

Retail price: $219.80
SeeWhy price: $174.99

15-credit Life Insurance Package: Course Details:

Basics of Canadian Life Insurance

  • Get back to basics with clear definitions and information regarding Canadian life insurance;
  • Learn about industry best practices in order to better serve your clients;
  • Use as an ongoing reference of insurance products, features, and benefits.

Effective Written Communications for Financial Advisors

  • Improve your marketing and customer service through better writing;
  • Learn how to make your writing meaningful, clear and to the point;
  • Communicate complex financial topics to clients by learning a practical approach to writing in plain language.

Insurance for Business Owners

  • Show business owners the uses for insurance to efficiently build, transition, or sell their businesses;
  • Demonstrate how insurance can be a cost-saving measure;
  • Learn about coverage options to ensure that coverage is appropriate to the future needs of the client’s business.

Insurance Needs of Older Folks

  • Increase your understanding of the insurance needs of retired clients for pension replacement and estate planning;
  • Identify concepts that will help you reinforce the need for insurance with your clients;
  • Prepare to sell more to those who may typically be considered “too old” for insurance.

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