15 Credit Package: Institute Pre-approved Package for CLUs

Institute Members: 15 credits (including Ethics)
Provincial Life Credits: 15 (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
Provincial A&S Credits: 15 (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 15 credits (8 Financial Planning, 4 Professional Responsibility, 3 Practice Management)
IIROC (CECAP) Credits: 7 credits (Compliance)

While this package could be used by any advisor needing 15 life credits, it is designed for Advocis members because all courses are pre-approved by the Institute. Plus, you will earn your mandatory ethics credits.

Your 15 credits are received from the following courses:

  • Focus on Retirement Risks
  • Professional Responsibility and Seniors: Advisor Guidance for Ethical Practice
  • Setting the Moral Compass: Professional Responsibility in Today’s Financial Services

Note: these courses also fulfill your provincial life licensing requirements in all provinces except Quebec, and provide 15 pre-approved credits for CFP professionals including Professional Responsibility.

This package saves you time searching for courses; you’ll complete all your credit requirements efficiently.

Price: $169.85  (Save $20 on the cost of ordering the courses on their own.)