The OAS Balancing Act: Receiving and Retaining the Pension

Provincial Life Credits: 2 credits in (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON)
CFP® Certificants: 2 credits (Financial Planning)
Institute Members: 2 credits
IIROC Credits: 2 credits (Professional Development)

OAS has flexibility to its start date, just as CPP. This raises the questions of: when is the best time to start the pension, age 65 or later? How can a pension be deferred if the individual is automatically enrolled? And, of huge concern to recipients: How can the clawback be avoided?

This course is crucial to planning retirement income. You will learn details about OAS eligibility and enrolment. You will understand how and when income is determined and the steps available to reduce clawback. You will be able to address client OAS concerns knowledgeably and helpfully. Start making the right OAS decisions with clients now.

Course features month-by-month pension increase post-65.

Price: $29.95